Friday, 26 August 2011

Inpage 2009

This version of inpage is without any error.InPage is a multi-lingual word processor. This software supports Urdu, Arabic, English Hazaragi, Kashmiri, Pushto, Persian and Sindhi languages. This software is developed by Software Paradise Pvt. Ltd and can be obtained from This software provides different keyboard layouts with supported alphabets. No special device is required to work with InPage. We can set the layout of the keyboard according to our requirements.

This software uses windows font for English writing while for other languages this software has its own fonts. These fonts are called Nastaliq fonts. This software works almost similar to MS-Word. We can create our document, columns and tables. We can insert images, draw boxes and create text boxes are well.

                                                                                           Download Inpage 2009

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