Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cheat Engine 5.6.1 (hack Torrent Speed)


  • Fixed DBVM from not working

  • Fixed Kernelmode debugging with DBVM in 64-bit

  • Several disassembler fixes

  • Scanning errors now show the error

  • Fixed a few 16-bit assembler instructions

  • Fixed doubleclicking the assembler scan going to 00000000

  • Fixed the assembler scan going from ffffffff back to 0 and starting over again

  • Fixed autoattach causing huge memory leak

  • Fixed clicking nextscan when having 0 results

  • Fixed 8 byte scans so they it can now scan negative values

  • Prevent a 32-bit plugin from showing up error messages when loaded in the 64-bit ce version (It won't work)

  • Fixed the VEH debugger from not handling int3 breakpoints properly

  • Fixed XMM registers in the veh debugger

  • Fixed the VEH debugger from causing a program to hang when Cheat Engine is closed normally
    Changes since public release: (max 7 days)

  • June 4 2011: Add the shellExecute lua function

  • June 5 2011: Fix assembling of movq

  • June 7 2011: Fix loading a table after having a table with files. And fix the listbox and combobox in the designer. And AOBscan script fix

  • June 9 2011: Fix lua memory scan creation and reading out the results

  • Added a structure spider which may help in finding ways to distinguish between two objects

  • Value scanning can now take formulas

  • Added a form designer to create lua extensions

  • Added an automated trainer generator that will generate a trainer script for you

  • Added lots and lots of new functions to the lua engine. Check the helpfile.

  • Added the ability to save binary files into a cheat table

  • Added an xm-player

  • Added columns to the stackview window

  • Added an option to choose if the disassembler should show 32-bit or 64-bit code.

  • Added support to translate cheat engine to any language you want (check the language folder for more info).

  • Some speed improvements at several tools

  • Added undo last edit (ctrl+z) when editing values in a cheat table.

  • Added extra option to the pointer rescan so you can filter out paths more specifically

  • Added custom comments to the assembler window.

  • Added the ability to use lua variables inside auto assembler ( $luavariable )

  • Added syntax highlighting to lua.

  • Changed the lua dlls with versions that don't need the C++ runtime installed.

  • Changed the lua library to support 64-bit dll's

  • The lua script has been moved from the comments window to it's own menu on top.

  • In the hexadecimal view when selecting 4 bytes and then pressing space will make you go there. Backspace returns

  • Added the .cetrainer file extension so you can download very small files and have great trainers.

  •                                             Download Cheat Engine

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