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Free PDF to Word Converter

Unlike other textual formats, PDFs aren’t that easy to edit. It is hard to edit them directly, so another available option – converting a PDF to a Word document – attracts more and more users. However, the task is not as easy as it may seem because of numerous in-depth differences between PDF format and Word or RTF files.

Fast and Accurate Conversion

That’s what PDF to Word Converter was developed for. The program delivers smooth and accurate conversion of virtually any PDF document to a corresponding Word or RTF file. The process runs so easily, that you would never think the conversion could be a problem!
You simply drag a desired PDF file to program’s window, then click the Start button and receive an accurately converted RTF or DOC file on the other side. It is that easy: no unnecessary configuration, no hundreds of options anymore. Drag in the file, click the Start, and you’re done! And PDF to Word Converter cares very much about accuracy of conversion, so every file you process looks exactly as it did before that.

Comfortable Work

PDF to Word Converter is designed to exclude any unnecessary actions or preliminary operations. For instance, it automatically detects the encoding of the source file and makes sure the output will have the same. Even if you hav 3- or 4-language document, PDF to Word Converter handles it perfectly.
An expert user can also benefit of several conversion fine-tunning options, the command line execution and customizable multiple PDFs batch processing. Yes, that’s right; PDF to Word Converter deals with multiple files just as easy as with one document only. You select them, you click the Start button, and they are converted to Word. Just like that.


A PDF to Word conversion task can be a way easier than you thought. Download a free trial and evaluate it yourself. Moreover, we are so sure that PDF to Word  Converter makes you life easier, that we provide an unconditional 30-days money back guarantee! Just try it, if you won’t like it – we’ll refund you money.

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