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magic iso maker 5.4 with Serial

magic iso maker 5.4 with Serial
magic iso maker 5.4 with Serial

MagicISO is a powerful CD/DVD file image manager for Windows. Unlike some other similar applications, this one includes a Windows Explorer-like Explorer to facilitate browsing among files. As an image manager, this application carries out all the usual tasks. It is able to create an image file from a CD or DVD to most formats. After that, it can help you add, delete, rename, change the file structure, or do whatever you want with files inside the image file. If you need to make that image file bootable, well MagicISO can do that for you, too. It can also convert any image created by other recording software into the standard ISO format, which is pretty much supported by all the image managers. MagicISO supports image files up to 10gbs in size, so editing a large image file is no longer a problem. At $29.95, it competes with most similar solutions. Honestly, there are many applications that do what this one does. The only thing that really sets it apart from the rest is the intuitive interface. It is so easy to use that ISO managing becomes a much simpler task to do. Now, Magic ISO Maker has upped the ante with incorporated burning capabilities. So, needless to say, this is one of the most complete ISO solutions. 

MagicISO is a powerful CD/DVD image file creating/editing/extracting tool. It can open / create / edit /extract CD/DVD image files, and it canconvert bin to iso and back.  as well as make ISO file from DVD/CD-ROM or hard disk, and handle bootable information at meanwhile.

It can also convert BIN or any other format file created by CD burning software (Such as Nero-Burning ROM, Easy CD Create) or virtual DVD/CD-ROM driver software (such as Daemon-tools) to standard ISO format.

MagicISO has ability to create ISO image file. You can directly add/delete/rename files or folder in CD image file(s) with MagicISO.MagicISO can handle up to 10G large sizes so that user can extract / edit / open DVD image files in ease.

You can use MagicISO to make CD/DVD image from DVD/CD-ROM to hard disk in order to backup CD/DVD or use it with virtual CD or Virtual machine.

MagicISO has ability to make  bootable CD/DVD image file.  With MagicISO, you can process the boot information for CD/DVD image file, as well as  directly add/remove/extract boot image for the CD/DVD image file.

MagicISO can also make multiple bootable CD/DVD image file. Using this function, you can combine multiple OS installation CD into one CD/DVD image file in order to install multiple OS from one CD/DVD.

MagicISO embed Windows Explorer and use the double window unification user contact interface. Use the quick button and the mouse Drag & Drops files between Windows Explorer and MagicISO so that you can handle the CD/DVD image file easy but powerful enough.

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