Friday, 15 February 2013

Sticky Password PRO with key Free Download

Sticky Password PRO with key
Sticky Password PRO with key free Download
Sticky Password Pro is a useful program that can reliably protect and preserve all the important personal data (such as passwords, user names, number of IM clients, contacts, phone numbers, etc.). Sticky Password sticks passwords and accounts to Microsoft Windows or Web pages for which they are used. All information are stored in encrypted form in the database of passwords, access to which is protected by a master password. Personal data will always be available if Password Database is unlocked.

Sticky Password is the best solution for passwords!
• No need to remember all those passwords
• Keep your personal information safe!
• Automatic Form Filling
• Secured against Phishing and keyloggers
• Take your passwords with you wherever you are

Changes in version
* Added a toolbar for all supported versions of Internet Explorer
* Fixed an issue with Firefox 18
* Added support for Firefox / Thunderbird and Seamonkey 19 2.16
* Added support for Yandex 1.5 Browser
* Added the ability to move user accounts between groups
* Added the ability to set a Firefox extension to all profiles, not only in profile by default
* fixed a problem with the Comodo Dragon 23.x
* fix the problem with the random shutting down of operations if password generator is used
* fixed sized popup info window - now it is limited to the size of the window
* Improved autocomplete sites and other

Size (" ")
Thanks for Downloading...Sticky Password PRO with key Free Download
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