Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Beta 9 free download

Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Beta 9 free download

Firefox Beta is the build for those who like a little bit of jeopardy, but who don’t want to risk everything by trying out Firefox Aurora, the early alpha build of Firefox. Firefox Beta gives you a sneak peek at the next version of Firefox six weeks ahead of its final release, offering a relatively stable build that’s not quite ready for primetime, but still pretty solid.

Whereas Firefox Aurora installs as a completely separate application alongside your existing Firefox installation, Firebox Beta will replace the stable build. Should you subsequently wish to go back to the safer version, you’ll need to manually download the stable version and install it over the top of the beta build.

Confirm which build you have by selecting About Firefox from the Firefox menu or button (it’s inside the Help menu if using the Firefox button).

Firefox 24 is now in the Beta channel. Changes in this release include:

NEW. Support for new scrollbar style in Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
NEW. Implemented Close tabs to the right
NEW. Social: Ability to tear-off chat windows to view separately by simply dragging them out
CHANGED. Accessibility related improvements on using pinned tabs (see 577727)
DEVELOPER. Major SVG rendering improvements around Image tiling and scaling (see 600207)
DEVELOPER. Improved and unified Browser console for enhanced debugging experience, replacing existing Error console
DEVELOPER. Removed support for sherlock files that are loaded from application or profile directory
HTML5. Support for W3C touch events disabled.

"Click Here To Download"
Size ("21.65 Mb ")

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